Have You Gotten Tested?

Have you gotten tested? That’s a question I didn’t expect to hear in 2020.

As we wade through this pandemic that has swept across the globe, we’re dealing with something that bothers me. I imagine it’s bothered generations before me. That is the unknown. Sometimes the unknown can spur wonder—like when I wonder what is just beyond Pluto and then what is just beyond that. Sometimes the unknown can be a mystery: Will my kids be attending their college classes in the Fall in person or online? I don’t know. It’s a mystery to be discovered. There is also a prayer in there somewhere…..just sayin’. But for many, the unknown brings about fear, anxiety, and stress. In this pandemic, many families are dealing with horrible unknowns. Will my loved one survive? Will I keep my job? When will I get to hug my mom? Will I be able to have a memorial for my loved one who passed away? When will normal return? Can I still retire before age 90?

My father is a voracious reader and he loves mystery novels. When he is approximately halfway through a juicy mystery novel he, admittedly, will flip to the last few pages to take a quick glance to see who is alive. What? Are you kidding me? That’s the mystery. But if we are honest, most of us want a peek at the ending. Does she live? Are they still married? Do we survive as a species?

This mystery is something we face with our clients every day. Many of our clients have a central question. “Am I going to be ok?” This recent question of, “Have you gotten tested”? has made me think of the peace that can come from getting tested. Your results are in. You’re going to be ok. Whew! What a relief.

When I think of the financial planning process I think of this Covid testing. Many times we sit with clients and review assets, debts, risks, estate plans, dreams, goals, fears and perhaps spend years correcting the course. At the end of the process when we can look a client in the eye and say, “You’re going to be OK”, that brings us immeasurable fulfillment. It’s why we do what we do.

Who do you know that needs to get “tested”? We only exist because of our client referrals. So we would love to help someone you care about; we value the trust you place in our firm.

Written by Michael H. Westbrooks

After college at Loyola and the University of North Texas, Michael served 11 years as a Plano firefighter. He officially joined WDW in 1992. Michael and his wife, Loree, have three teenage daughters. Michael runs or bikes whenever possible, competing in several races every year.  Michael is heavily involved with the Dallas Life homeless ministry, having recently completed his term as board president.